$5 Dinners

When you read $5 dinners you might think I found a secret way to feed my family for only 5 bucks… well I didn’t. I actually suckered (Justin if your reading this I didn’t mean suckered I absolutely meant sweet talked) my husband into paying me to cook! Every night we have the same conversation that plagues America, what’s for dinner? Our conversations got so predictable that they turned from what’s for dinner to chipotle or chick-fil-a? And before you think that I fed my son chipotle and chick-fil-a let me clarify that he only at chick-fil-a on kids eat free night and the rest of the week I cooked him dinner.

Every week I would listen to my non-cooking husband complain about how much we spent on eating out and just in case you didn’t notice I said non-cooking! So that is where $5 dinners came in. I told him that I would cook more even though I don’t really enjoy it. I’d much rather bake brownies, cookies, cake, cupcakes, muffins… okay now that I am sufficiently off task and only thinking about the brownies I just baked let me get back to it. His face was in somewhat disbelief and he said okay what’s the catch (he knows me all too well). I told him for every meal I make you give me $5. I want my weekly wages on Sunday in CASH! Cash that I can use for manicures, pedicures, Starbucks.. honestly whatever my heart desires! And if I don’t have enough cash that’s where my debit card comes into play. See why I say suckered- he’s paying me for something that I am doing anyways and he can’t see how much my coffee addiction is getting out of control! 😉



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