IMG_0433Boobs! Breasts! Tatas! Whatever you prefer to call them… they become a topic of conversation once you become pregnant. I never knew that I would be so comfortable pulling one out. When I had Nolan I remember feeling so uncomfortable every time a nurse walked in and I was nursing or how the lactation specialist grabbed my boob like it was attached to her body.¬†After nursing him for a few weeks I started to look at them as a food source rather than anything sexual- even though I saw my husband’s face light up every time I started nursing. By time I had Chase I didn’t care if the cleaning crew walked in and saw me nursing.

I nursed Nolan for 5 months. Somedays I loved it and thought I would power through for a year and then somedays I wanted to quit 205308 times. Nolan was a power eater. Somewhat ravenous. He would jump on, eat until full, and then wanted nothing to do with nursing. I think I had PTSD and was actually scared of what kind of eater Chase was going to be. He is the complete opposite! Chase is gentle. Loves nursing and loves to rest on the boob when he is finished. Nursing him, although difficult at times, has been amazing. I have no desire to quit and think I might cry if he starts to reject me. And not just tears in my eyes but ugly face sobbing.

Even though he and I both loved nursing- my supply wasn’t always enough. I read every blog and article on how to increase my supply and I finally found something that worked..Lactation Cookies! Not only are they delicious but they helped! I noticed a difference right away. I ate 2-3 a day sometimes more depending on the day! I do have to eat them in hiding since my 21 month old has discovered the world of cookies! My husband tried to feed them to my dad as a joke so I started hiding them from everyone! #mycookies #imtherealcookiemonster

Even though I tweaked the recipe the more I made them, I included a link to the original recipe.. ENJOY!



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